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Kait & Martin Gelbspan

Kait & Martin Gelbspan

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How We Create Content For Our Clients

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UGC Portfolio:

Hotel Pool Challenge

Travel Workout

Colombia Hotel

Colombia Hotel

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Travel Miami

Discounted Flights

ATX Vlog

NYC Hotel

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Backpack brand

Travel Insurance

Spa Experience

Travel Skit

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Helicopter Experience

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Travel Colombia

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UGC Photography:

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About Us

Hey there, Kait and Martin here!

We're a power couple, husband and wife duo, currently traveling the world together as digital nomads.

We're expert digital creators, who specialize in creative and relatable travel & lifestyle UGC, brand strategy, photography, videography, expert video editing, and creative direction.

We work with brands that offer products,

services and experiences. Our clients range from Airbnbs, hotels, restaurants, tourism boards, airlines, as well as all travel and hospitality based businesses.

With a background in social media management (Instagram/TikTok) & over 10+ combined years of experience in modeling and acting, we grew to be proficient in front of the camera as well as behind the camera and production.

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Why UGC is Important?

With TikTok surpassing Google, in 2022, as the #1 used search engine, it's important to be creating content your customer is looking to consume. "User Generated Content" is original, brand-specific content created by real people to make real connections.

UGC helps to build trust, display social proof, increase bookings and convert sales. It is best for targeting niche customers & creates authenticity by providing customers with what feels like insider knowledge of what their experience will actually be like.

Leveraging traveler-created content across your travel brand’s website provides consumers with destination experiences in real-time! This type of content is perfect for your website or socials.

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Styles of Travel Content?

  • Cinematic walkthrough of the experience or location

  • Curated Local Recommendations
  • Day Itinerary

  • Testimonial

  • Viral Trend

  • SKIT

  • Professional Photography

  • Lifestyle Photography

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of consumers start planning their trip by researching online

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rise in conversions on average for businesses that feature UGC

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of consumers are more likely to do business with travel brands offering personalized experiences.

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90%+ returning customers


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Audience Insights

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what the experts have to say...

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Please contact to discuss rates $

Each project is special and evaluated according to the clients needs!


UGC Add Ons:

  • Scriptwriting/Creative Direction/Consulting
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Raw Footage
  • Additional CTA's/Hooks for split testing


Promotional Marketing:

  • Tiktok Post
  • Instagram Reel/Photo Post
  • Whitelisting
  • Spark Ads

Services & Packages:


UGC Packages Available:

  • One UGC Video
  • Three UGC Videos
  • Five UGC Videos
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Content
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Customer Reviews

Five Stars Rating

In 2023 alone, we’ve had the privilege of working with 50+ brands and creating 100+ projects

Work with Us!

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Companies that invest in us, invest in themselves.

Whether you have an idea ready to go or need a little creative direction...

We conceptualize, edit & create travel UGC that tells a story, captivates viewers, aligns with your brands message & boosts bookings.

From working w/ over 100 brands, building our personal pages to 150k+ & gaining over 4 Million+ likes, we understand the platforms & trends extremely well & know exactly what to do to create content that helps you sell & grow!

If you're looking to make content for your company that is engaging, on brand, converts sales and is relevant to the current trends, we're here to help!

Send us an email or book a complimentary consultation call and let's create some magic!



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Q: When should I ship my product?

Q: I'm struggling to come up with ideas for the content. Can you help with this?

A: Absolutely! We have 8 years of experience creative directing & creating content for all platforms in all styles for all niches. We'd be happy to create a strategic + intentional content list based on your brand's goals, audience, & aesthetic.

Q: I consistently need fresh content, do you provide content packages?

A: Yes! We can set up a packages so that you have new & trending content as frequently as you need it! Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options are available. We've got you covered, message us for more details!

Q: Are usage rights included in the rate for content?

A: Three months of Usage Rights are included in our rate when we create UGC for paid advertisement. If the UGC is being used for long term promotion, we agree on an amount for the usage rights per month & include this into our rate.

Q: Do you provide social media promotion?

A: Yes, we do! We create collaborated posts for promotional purposes on Instagram and TikTok. We are selective with who we work with on our personal pages and want to make sure each brand is in alignment with our own so we keep a standard of brand authenticity.